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Occitanie Musées is the Association of Curators and Scientific Personnel of the Occitanie Museums. It brings together scientific staff from the Museums of France and cultural and heritage establishments in the Occitanie region. It integrates more than a hundred professionals in all areas of museum activity (management, conservation, mediation, documentation etc.). The Association is the regional arm of the AGCCPF (The national Association of curators and Museum professionals and the public heritage sites of France)

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Albert Eloy-Vincent - Albert Eloy-Vincent - © All rights reserved

Croquis pour servir à l’histoire de l’éloquence

Albert Eloy-Vincent
Centre national et musée Jean Jaurès | Castres | 81
Gilabertus - La Mort de saint Jean-Baptiste. La Danse de Salomé © All rights reserved

La Mort de saint Jean-Baptiste. La Danse de Salomé

Musée des Augustins | Toulouse | 31
Francisco de Goya - © All rights reserved

La Junte des Philippines

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes
Musée Goya | Castres | 81
Relief - Rapt de Proserpine © All rights reserved

Rapt de Proserpine

Musée Saint-Raymond | Toulouse | 31
Autoportrait dit au turban - Hyacinthe Rigaud Autoportrait dit au turban - Hyacynthe Rigaud - © All rights reserved

Autoportrait dit au turban

Hyacinthe Rigaud
Musée Hyacinthe Rigaud | Perpignan | 66
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Abbaye de Flaran

Valence-sur-Baïse | 32
The Cistercian Abbey of Flaran (a classified Monument Historique) has, since 2000 become the key monument of the network of sites and museums in the Gers. It is amongst the most well-preserved in the SouthWest, it is situated in a conservation area and offers a rich and diverse program of activites throughout the year.
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Abbaye de Flaran © All rights reserved
Musée Saint-Raymond, Musée archéologique © All rights reserved
Musée histoire et archéologique de Montségur © All rights reserved
© All rights reserved