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Occitanie Musées is the Association of Curators and Scientific Personnel of the Occitanie Museums. It brings together scientific staff from the Museums of France and cultural and heritage establishments in the Occitanie region. It integrates more than a hundred professionals in all areas of museum activity (management, conservation, mediation, documentation etc.). The Association is the regional arm of the AGCCPF (The national Association of curators and Museum professionals and the public heritage sites of France)

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Atelier Fourque Atelier Fourque & Arnoux © All rights reserved

Porcelaines de Saint-Gaudens-Valentine

Atelier Fouque-Arnoux
Le Musée - Saint-Gaudens | Saint-Gaudens | 31
La Foire de Beaucaire - Musée Auguste Jacquet - Beaucaire - Gard La Foire de Beaucaire - Musée Auguste Jeacquet - Beaucaire - Gard © All rights reserved


Musée Auguste Jacquet | Beaucaire | 30
Hélène Rivière - Remailleuses © All rights reserved

Les Remailleuses de filets à Banyuls

Hélène Rivière
Musée du Pays de Cocagne | Lavaur | 81
Ulpiano Checa -L'andalousie au temps des maures © All rights reserved

Affiche 1900

Ulpiano Checa
Musée des Beaux-Arts Salies | Bagnères-de-Bigorre | 65
Robe damas - Musée cevenol Robe Damas - Musée cevenol © All rights reserved

Détail robe en soie

Musée cévenol | Le Vigan | 30
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© All rights reserved
Musée Georges-Labit © All rights reserved
Maison Rouge - Musée des vallées cévenoles © All rights reserved
Musée Paul Dupuy © All rights reserved