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ATTENTION : All of the following information has been provided by the museum. For the moment, they are unable to publish their events calendar online. We therefore suggest that you contact the museum directly for further information.

The Agathois Jules Baudou Museum was founded in 1699 by Monseigneur Fouquet and is located in one of the beautiful seventeenth-century Agde townhouses, the  Hôtel de la Charité . The museum is based around the arts and traditions of the Agathé city that was born of the  Héreault and the Mediterranean Sea.
Room by room through the galleries that were renovated between 2011 and 2012, you will learn about the city of Agde from antiquity to the present day.

The collections revolve around three major themes :

  • Folklore and Daily Life : reconstructed interiors, traditional costumes and lace, jousting…
  • Land and Sea : model boats, the cabin of the Capitaine, navigational instruments, vine and wine…
  • Furniture and the arts : Art Nouveau furniture by Léon Cauvy that came from the château Laurens, Far Eastern art, paintings…

Magnificent Asian artwork,  Japanese armour, Katana, Netsuke, and the objects coming from Africa bear witness to the importance of the exchanges and contacts with the wider world.

The museum is the historic seat of the Escolau Dau Sarret, the local Agde scholarly association that initially assembled the Musem’s collections.

Musée Agathois 5 rue de la Fraternité
34300 Agde 04 67 94 92 54

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  • Full price : 6€
  • Reduced price: from  €2
  • Free for children under 10 years old

Opening times

From 1st November to mid-February :

  • 9:30am –12am ;  1:30pm-5pm
  • Open from Tuesday to Saturday

From mid-February to June and September to 31 October  :

  • 10am –12:30am ;  1:30pm-5:30pm
  • Open from Tuesday to Saturday

July and August :

  • 10:30am –1pm ;  3pm-7pm
  • Open from Monday to Saturday

Closed annually from 24th December to the beginning of February school holidays, 1st May

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  • For people with reduced mobility, the museum does not offer accessibility throughout.