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Musée archéologique Armand Viré (Archaeological)

Luzech | 46

ATTENTION : All of the following information has been provided by the museum. For the moment, they are unable to publish their events calendar online. We therefore suggest that you contact the museum directly for further information.

The Museum displays the archaeological finds from prehistory to Gallo-Roman antiquity excavated from the region around the commune of Luzech. Double-sided stone tools resembling arrowheads, scrapers and other objects made from flint give a glimpse into the day-to-life during the prehistoric period. At the end of the nineteenth century, the discovery of the “murus gallicus” (a fortifying wall) prompted a series of archaeological digs on the Oppidum de l’Impernal that yielded a large haul of day-to-day objects from the first century B.C. (pottery, coins and bronze items). The tiles and ceramics found also point to the fact that this site was also inhabited by the Gallo-Romans who used different building methods and materials. The remains of a Celtic temple bear this out.

The Ammonite space displays a collection of more than five hundred ammonites, marine cephalopods that are close to the nautilus which disappeared at the same time as the Dinosaur

Musée archéologique Armand Viré (Archaeological) 152 rue de la Ville
46140 Luzech 05 65 30 58 47

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  • Full price : €3
  • Free for children under 12 years
  • Double entry with Ichnospace : 5€

Opening times

  • From Tuesday to Friday
  • 10am-12am and 2pm-6pm
  • Saturday : 9am-12am

Closed on holidays

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  • Entrance hall shared with the médiathèque