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Musée Auguste Jacquet

Beaucaire | 30

An exceptional site

The museum is housed in the listed gardens of the château where the Counts of Toulouse once lived. It is situated in a part of the compound which was formerly a convent built around 1870. Open to the public since 1985, the museum offers a themed visit.

Beaucaire Stone

The book of the Brotherhood of Saint Marc and examples of some of the tools used by the last quarrymen illustrate how the Beaucaire Stone was extracted from the quarries.

Sainte Madeleine’s Fair (La Foire de la Madeleine)

Posters, engravings (seventeenth through twentieth century) and models recall the pomp surrounding the famous annual Beaucaire fair.

Félibrige Words and Colours

Indian headscarves,  jewelry made in Arles, furniture,  manuscripts written in “félibres” (a local Provençal language that was revived in the early 1900’s) which confirms the attachment the city has to its regional and Provençal traditions.

An Archaeology Museum

The pre-Roman period is illustrated by discoveries made in the Gallic cemeteries; the importance of the Gallo-Roman city, a stop-over along the Domitian Way, mentioned in an inscription to Titus Carisius. He was the Praetor of the Volques who oversaw the confederation of 25 regional oppida (fortified towns) whose capital was Nîmes.

The medieval history period is represented by a collection of objects that were discovered at the royal château of Beaucaire as well as remains from various medieval structures that existed in the town.

Musée Auguste Jacquet Jardins du château de Beaucaire
30300 Beaucaire 04 66 59 90 07 / 04 66 59 26 57

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Rates and opening times


  • Full price : €5
  • Reduced price: €3
  • Free : Beaucairois, residents of the Communauté de communes Beaucaire Terre d’Argence, children under 12 years
  • Free the first Sunday of the month in July and August

Opening times

  • 1st April to 15 October : Wednesday-Saturday 9:30am-12:30 pm and 2-6pm
  • 16 October to 31 March : Wednesday-Saturday 2-5pm
  • July and August : Wednesday-Sunday 9:30am-12:30pm and 2-6pm
  • Closed 1st May, 11 November and from the 25 December through the 2 January
Access and Accessibility


  • The Museum is located in the gardens of the Château Beaucaire (entry through the place Raimond VII)
  • Parking available at the Casino or the Arènes