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Musée des arts et métiers traditionnels (Traditional Arts and Crafts)

Salles-la-Source | 12

The Salles-la-Source museum is based in the magnificent buildings that made up the former spinning factory and fabric workshop. The architecture is also of interest: built with limestone and volcanic ash and a series of combination stone and wood columns that support a hull-shaped framework.

The museum is dedicated to the arts and traditional crafts of the Rouergue and offers a voyage to the heart of the traditional local society from the nineteenth to the twentieth century :

  • The huge room on the underground floor whose ceiling is held up by two stone columns, houses the ancient machines using water and wind energy : presses, an oil and flour mill, a hammer, a sawmill…
  • The ground floor is dedicated to the arts and crafts linked to minerals : stone, clay, iron, copper, zinc, brass, water and fire.
  • The first floor illustrates the relation between man and the landscape : agriculture, tree and shrub cultivation, wood working (clog making, coopering, carpentry, wood turning, furniture making etc.).
  • The  second floor deals with the animal world : hunting, fishing, animal husbandry, tanning, copper crafts, Roquefort cheese production, wool, etc. a reconstructed spinning wheel dating to the nineteenth century (a threshing machine, an assortment of frames, the spinning trade, the weaving trade …)


Musée des arts et métiers traditionnels (Traditional Arts and Crafts) Cour de la Filature
12330 Salles-la-Source 05 65 67 28 96

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  • Full price : €4
  • Reduced price : €2.50

Free :

  • under 26 years old, students, disabled persons and accompanying
  • 1st Sunday of the month from June to September

Opening times

April – June, September and October :

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
  • 2pm:6pm

July and August :

  • from Thursday to Friday : 10am:1pm and 2pm:6.30pm
  • Sunday and Monday : 2pm-6:30pm


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