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Musée des Augustins, musée des Beaux-Arts de Toulouse (Fine Arts)

Toulouse | 31

Work is currently underway at the Musée des Augustins to refurbish the glass roofs, meet accessibility standards and create a new reception area. However, the museum will be partially open to the public from June 24 to October 16, 2023.
For more information go to www.augustins.org

The Augustin monastery is a fine example of meridional gothic architecture dating mostly from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries (with the exception of the little classical cloisters that was built in 1626). In 1793, very shortly after the creation of the Louvre, the monument became a museum.

The museum’s collections today number more than four thousand pieces centring around a core of works seized during the Revolution. These include the inventory of the former Toulouse Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture and works from numerous religious establishments destroyed in Toulouse during the nineteenth century, to which were added the national collections as well as acquisitions made by the city, and donated and bequeathed works.

Musée des Augustins, musée des Beaux-Arts de Toulouse (Fine Arts) 21 rue de Metz
31000 Toulouse 05 61 22 21 82

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The Musée des Augustins is currently closed for renovation work (repairing the glass roofs, upgrading accessibility standards, creation of a new reception area). Reopening scheduled for 2025.

For more information go to www.augustins.org

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  • Bus, métro or Esquirol or Carmes parking lot


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