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Musée des Beaux-Arts de Mirande (Fine Arts)

Mirande | 32

The Mirande Museum of Fine and Decorative Arts was founded in 1832 by Joseph Delort, a local luminary, art lover and man of letters who was responsible for Fine Arts at the Ministry of the Interior.

Thanks to his influence, this institution owns a remarkable collection of fifteenth through nineteenth-century Italian, Flemish and French paintings mostly dedicated to portraiture as well as ceramic ware made at the leading workshops in the south west of France.

Located in the city centre, this collection alongside that of the Auch Museum, make up the richest reserve of classical art in the Department of the Gers where it organises frequent temporary exhibitions.

The Museum is run under the auspices of the departmental Conservation and heritage authorities and the Museums/Flaran (Department of Gers) and is part of the network of Sites and Museums of the Gers

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Mirande (Fine Arts) 13, rue de l'Evêché
32300 Mirande 05 62 66 68 10

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