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Musée du Colombier

Alès | 30

The Colombier Museum is housed in a small eighteenth-century château in the middle of a park. It features archaeological relics from prehistory through to the Gallo-Roman era alongside a fine arts collection of paintings and drawings from the sixteenth to the twentieth century.

Objects uncovered at digs in Alès and its surrounds make up the archaeology collections allowing a glimpse into the region’s rich past, in particular around the site of the oppidum de l’Ermitage (the Ermitage refuge).

Amongst the notable works in fine arts collection : the triptych La Sainte Trinité by Jean Bellegambe, are works from the Dutch and Flemish Renaissance movement, (Brueghel the Elder, Mieris), the Italian and French movements (Bassano, Reni, Coypel, Raoux, Vien, Van Loo, Perrot).

A group of sculptures by Marcel Mérignargues along with some beautiful pieces of régional furniture complete the exhibition.

Temporary exhibitions are held frequently.

Musée du Colombier rue Jean-Mayodon
30100 Alès 04 66 86 30 40

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Rates and opening times


Entrance: Free for the permanent exhibitions

Temporary Exhibitions :

  • Full price : €5

Opening times

July and August :

  • Daily except Tuesday
  • 10am -12:30am and 2pm-6pm

Closed 1st January, 1st May, Thursday Ascension, 14th July, 1st November, 25 December and from 15-28 February

Access and Accessibility


  • Five minute walk from the city center.
  • Parking : 20 spaces