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Musée Léon-Alègre

Bagnols-sur-Cèze | 30

ATTENTION : All of the following information has been provided by the museum. For the moment, they are unable to publish their events calendar online. We therefore suggest that you contact the museum directly for further information.

Housed in a Moorish residence built in the nineteenth century, the Léon-Alègre Museum offers a rich local archaeology collection and numerous old drawings of the region.

A local archaeology collection

A wide range of  successive civilisations have occupied this region that opens onto the Rhone Valley. Visitors can follow the local history from the beginning of the Iron Age to the end of Ancient Rome by tracing the remains on display in the Museum. They evoke the native cultural and trade links with the Greeks from Marseille and the various aspects of the Gallo-Roman civilisation such as burial rites, rural life, particularly the birth and development of the vineyards of the Cote du Rhone reion. The remains from these archaeological excavations of the oppidum (refuge) Saint Vincent de Gaujac bear witness to urban life during that period.

The Léon Alègre collection

Several depictions of ancient Bagnols-sur Cèze as well as a beautiful series of  drawings of some surrounding villages by Léon Alègre (1813-1884) a local scholar and founder of the museum, completes this rich local collection

The museum is currently closed

Musée Léon-Alègre 24 avenue Paul-Langevin
30200 Bagnols-sur-Cèze 04 66 89 74 00

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The museum is currently closed